What is Bubble Tea?

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Over the last several decades, these bracing cups of creamy and chewy delicacy drink refreshments which is also called “bubble tea” and “pearl milk tea” have become a hit in the food trend. These beverages are popular throughout not just Taiwan, but also all over Asia and many people who have tried just can't get enough of it.

The word bubble, also known as “boba” mostly refers to chewy tapioca pearls in the drink. Boba tea, bubble tea, and pearl milk tea also known as "zhen zhu nai cha" (珍珠奶茶) in mandarin essentially comes with different names all over the world. However, it relates to almost the same thing. Bubble Tea is served with that famously fat straw to accommodate the added toppings and tapioca pearls that cluster at the bottom of the cup.

The pearls are made from tapioca starch, an extract of the South American cassava plant, which imported to Taiwan from Brazil via Southeast Asia during the period of Japanese rule between 1895 and 1945. Tapioca pearls start white, hard, and rather tasteless, and then are boiled inside huge, bubbling vats and steeped in sugary caramelized syrup for hours until eventually they’re transformed into those black, springy tapioca pearls we’ve come to know and slurp.

It’s addictive desserts and snacks. That tapioca pearl texture that has become the boba signature. Known in Asia Chinese countries as Q or QQ, the untranslatable bouncy, rubbery, chewy consistency is treasured for Bubble tea lovers. Indeed, the quality of boba drinks is measured by how much Q power lurks within the tapioca pearls. Boba with the right Q factor isn’t too soft or too bouncy but has just the right amount of toothiness.

Since its beginnings, the basic boba tea recipe has evolved into an entire genre of drinks. Often there’s no milk (or milk-like product) at all already, as in the case of cold tea-infused or fruit-based drinks. The pearls can be fat as marbles, small as peas, coloured, or even crystal clear. It's a completely different game from previous traditional Bubble tea shops, some places can have tasteless bobas and some may have flavours in it. For instance, our Signature Bobas are Brown Sugar Boba, these chewy bobas are freshly made at Bober Tea outlets cooking at 65°C for optimal chewiness and soaking for two hours to absorb all the brown sugar goodness.

Try it Today!

Bubble Milk Tea: The one that started it all. Red tea is shaken with frothy milk, crushed ice, and a few generous handfuls of the chewy tapioca pearls. There are versions with different flavours and the classic still satisfies.

Brown Sugar Series: Ultra-rich Brown Sugar Boba Milk has been an explosive hit in Asia. It's a milk-heavy boba drink doused with a generous shot of sweet brown sugar syrup, all swirling in beautiful gradient colours and tones of cocoa-browns and pearly whites.

Fruit-Filled Tea: If milk isn’t your cup of tea, there are fresh fruit-based drinks that may have some addictive textures upon adding toppings. Popular flavours include mango, grapefruit, and even lemon, and they come bobbing with boba pearls but also other stuff, like black sugar konjac jelly, fruit pops & more.

Cheese Tea: Tangy cheese and salt with whipping cream and milk to form a foamy cheese on the top of a cup of cold tea. The cheese-topped drink is now popular in many parts of Asia and can be found here at Bober Tea.

Order like a Pro:

Bubble Tea shops come equipped with its own lingo. Whichever style you choose, get your drink like a local, fully customized. Here’s a glossary:

Mǎng táng (100%糖) - 100% sugar
3/4 táng (75%糖) - 75% sugar
Bàn táng (50%糖) - 50% sugar
1/4 táng (25%糖) - 25% sugar
Zhèng cháng bīng (正常冰) - Regular ice
Shǎo bīng (少冰) - Less ice
Bu yao bīng (不要冰) - No ice

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We are also available on Foodpanda, Grab food, Deliveroo for selective locations and Oddle for islandwide delivery 

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