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The good news for vegans is that while not all bubble tea is vegan, many types are. We’ll break down the common and possible ingredients here, and go over which ones you should avoid.

Tapioca balls (boba) – These are made from the cassava plant and are almost always vegan.

Milk and creamer – Dairy versions of these are not vegan.

Brewed tea – While some teas are not vegan, the ones Bober tea use are.

Sugar – Not all types of sugar are vegan. Choose 0% of sugar is always safer.

So long as you keep in mind regards the ingredients in the bubble tea, you can begin to substitute what is necessary in order to create your very own vegan-friendly bubble tea.

Ideally, here are 8 Refreshing Vegan-friendly Bubble Tea Choices:

1) Ruby Grapefruit Green Tea

2) Passionfruit Green Tea
3) Honey Oolong / Green Tea
4) Golden Oolong Tea
5) Jasmine Green Tea

6) Lemon Lime Green Tea with Plum
7) Supreme Mango Green Tea

8) Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea
(Only avail at Bishan & Bukit Panjang outlet)

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Bober Tea's Dedy
Bober Tea provide artisan tea focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of Tea with a Gist of local flavour inside. Our founders had found on his travels abroad the various tastes of Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese Bubble teas are vastly superior and has brought back the best of both worlds to Singapore, the quality of overseas tea quality coupled with the fusion of high grade bobas.
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