One of the top Bubble Tea brand in Singapore local branding, Backed up by extensive day to day support with specialise point of contact. Financially successful, High ROI/ profit with low risk, with enormous profit potential. Offering a universally accepted product capable of further adapting to local taste and preferences.

You can own your business without being alone; our team will be behind you. Benefit from a tested system that is already working, Benefit from a good training program. Flexible in dealing with suggestions / strategies and adapt to different market requirements. Join a fast growing brand and benefit from its expansion. Participate in a win-win project.


We provide the following operational and business support:

  • Regular country visits by the Franchise consultants
  • Constant review and monitoring of operations
  • Strong marketing support; massive marketing resource
  • Continuous provision of product development and system enhancements

Setting up The Bober Tea Franchise is simple with all the ready tools:

  • Hands on assistance in site identification, assessment and acquisition
  • 100% support in menu development and product customization
  • Strong guidance in shop set up and development, design and shop interior support
  • Comprehensive assistance on all logistics requirements including sourcing and supply of equipment, furniture, fixtures, tools, utensils, raw materials and other supplies

Intensive training support and assistance


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