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Bober Tea at Bukit Panjang Plaza (BPP) is located in the high-density residential area of Bukit Panjang New Town, in the north-western region of Singapore. The Bukit Panjang Plaza is conveniently located between the Bukit Panjang and Senja LRT stations, and adjacent to the Bukit Panjang bus interchange.

Currently, the full menu is available at the Bukit Panjang outlet. Good news for icecream and soft serve lovers, we serve exclusive Boba soft serve flavours at our Bukit Panjang Plaza outlet only.

When we serve up ice cream, we’re crafting personalized works of art!

First, we make your soft-serve ice cream fresh inside the store. Then we twirl your favorite soft twist flavour and toppings, and finally, we serve it all together. These freshly-prepared masterpieces are called Bober Creations — the most popular of which is called Bober Tea's Signature Creations.

Try our Signature Creation:
Brown Sugar Boba Soft Twist

...and along with other Bober Creations:
Milk Cha Boba Soft Twist 珍珠奶茶波波冰
Milk Cha Soft Twist 奶茶波波冰
Choco Oreo Soft Twist  可可奥利奥波波冰

As for the drinks, we have a list of all drinks that you can never find anywhere else. Bober Tea's Drinks selection such as Full range Fruit Tea series and varieties.

As mentioned and featured by Daniel Food Diary, Purists tend to order the most basic milk tea in the menu. But for a change, try Dong Ding Oolong Milk Tea, made with a premium light-coloured oolong tea from Taiwan.

Also spelled Tung Ting, Dong Ding (literally, “frozen summit”) is the name of the mountain where this tea is planted. Taste its distinctive honey taste and aroma with roasted notes, and a unique lingering sweet aftertaste.

Located Us at:

🇸🇬 Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-23

We are also available on Foodpanda, Grab food, Deliveroo for selective locations and Oddle for islandwide delivery 

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Bober Tea's Dedy
Bober Tea provide artisan tea focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of Tea with a Gist of local flavour inside. Our founders had found on his travels abroad the various tastes of Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese Bubble teas are vastly superior and has brought back the best of both worlds to Singapore, the quality of overseas tea quality coupled with the fusion of high grade bobas.
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