bubble tea franchise

1. Brew up some conversation.

Get to know Bober Tea and speak with our Bubble Tea Franchise Development Representatives to get started with your Discovery process.

2. Blend with us.

Dive into our organization during Discovery Day, speak with current franchise owners, and get all of your questions answered prior to making the big decision.

3. Become a Boba Master.

Expand your knowledge and prepare for opening as you attend our Boba Master class, complete on-site training, and work hand-in-hand with our marketing, operations, and production teams to bring your store to life!


One of the top Bubble Tea brand in Singapore local branding, Backed up by extensive day to day support with specialise point of contact. Financially successful, High ROI/ profit with low risk, with enormous profit potential. Offering a universally accepted product capable of further adapting to local taste and preferences.

You can own your business without being alone; our team will be behind you. Benefit from a tested system that is already working, Benefit from a good training program. Flexible in dealing with suggestions / strategies and adapt to different market requirements. Join a fast growing brand and benefit from its expansion. Participate in a win-win project.


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